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Why does Olympic Glass use SWISSPACER?

SWISSPACER is a warm edge spacer bar. It separates the panes of glass in a sealed unit and reduces heat loss from the window. SWISSPACER is made from an insulating plastic composite material which is thermally optimised to prevent heat escaping through the edge of a double or triple glazed unit. SWISSPACER makes windows more energy efficient to save money on end-users’ heating bills. It’s a cost effective way of improving a window’s U-Value or WER rating. SWISSPACER easily lifts a window from a ‘B’ rating to an ‘A’.


What does SWISSPACER do that other warm edge spacer bars don’t?

SWISSPACER ULTIMATE is the best performing warm edge spacer bar in the world. In independent tests by ift Rosenheim, of all the leading warm edge brands, ULTIMATE came top for thermal efficiency.

Is SWISSPACER suitable for triple glazing?   All SWISSPACER spacer bars have a High Tech Gas Barrier that keeps 100% of moisture vapour out and insulating gas inside the unit for long-lasting performance. In a well-made sealed unit, SWISSPACER’s performance will last for decades.

SWISSPACER is ideal for triple glazing – its rigid structure is strong enough to cope with the extra weight of a third pane of glass. SWISSPACER is widely used across continental Europe including Germany, where over 60% of the market is triple glazing.

Can I use SWISSPACER in Passivhaus buildings?
Yes! Over 60% of installed Passivhaus windows worldwide have SWISSPACER inside. SWISSPACER ULTIMATE is the first warm edge spacer bar to gain ‘Passivhaus-approved’ certification and the only spacer with a ‘Class A’ classification for energy efficiency.