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Tempered Glass

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to glass. That's why we offer tempered glass, a product engineered for durability and security.

When subjected to high levels of heat, tempered glass breaks into small, harmless fragments, reducing the risk of injury. It's an excellent choice for shower enclosures, glass doors, and anywhere safety is a concern. Olympic Glass's tempered glass isn't just tough; it's a guardian of your well-being. Imagine a glass that, in moments of pressure, shatters into harmless pieces, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe. With our tempered glass, strength meets peace of mind.

Tempered glass is a testament to the wonders of modern engineering. It starts as ordinary glass but undergoes a meticulous heat treatment process that transforms it into a super-strong material. When subjected to impact or excessive force, tempered glass doesn't break into hazardous shards. Instead, it breaks into small, safe pieces that are unlikely to cause injury.

Strength Meets Safety

This remarkable feature makes tempered glass the ideal choice for areas where safety is a top priority. Whether it's a glass shower enclosure that withstands daily wear and tear or glass doors that need to endure heavy foot traffic, our tempered glass stands strong.

Moreover, tempered glass offers unparalleled clarity, allowing you to enjoy a pristine view of your surroundings without compromise. Its smooth, blemish-free surface is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your space remains as beautiful as it is secure.

At Olympic Glass, we take the safety of your loved ones seriously. That's why we offer tempered glass solutions that meet rigorous safety standards. When you choose our tempered glass, you're choosing peace of mind, durability, and a product that stands the test of time.

Olympic Glass Stamps Tempered

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Their service has been unmatched

“We’ve been using Olympic Glass for over two years now & their service has been unmatched. They always go above and beyond to help us out when we need it & quality is brilliant. On the rare occasion we have had an issue, Olympic glass jump on the problem immediately to minimise disruption. The staff in despatch & the office are always very friendly & helpful. Our delivery driver is brilliant, always going out of his way to assist. Highly recommend."
- House of Glass

Surpassed our expectations

"We would like to thank Olympic Glass for their exceptional support, outstanding customer service, and consistent in full and on-time deliveries. From the outset, their team has surpassed our expectations. Their prompt responses and effective communication have made collaboration seamless and most importantly they are always there when things inevitably don’t go to plan, whether it be our fault or their own. The quality of their glass products consistently meets our high standards, contributing to the excellence we deliver to our customers. We take pride in our relationship with Olympic Glass and enthusiastically recommend them to others seeking a reliable and exceptional supplier. Thank you for being a crucial part of our success."
- Essex Trade Frames Ltd.

Everyone is helpful and friendly

Olympic Glass is our default glass manufacturer. Daniella in Customer Service, Gosia in Design, Wayne the delivery driver, and our rep Ian are always so wonderful to deal with. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Olympic's lead times are always speedy and the glass is great quality. We are proud to fit Olympic's glass and would recommend them as a manufacturer.
- Sussex Glazing

Benefits of Olympic Glass

We have been using Olympic Glass for a number of years & our relationship has always been excellent. Staff are super friendly and are always happy to offer their assistance whatever our needs. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending them.
- Mark Russell Glazing Ltd

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