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Setting new standards in insulated glass units


There are many types of glass that can help you control the environment inside your home or business without having to rely on mechanical cooling during summer months and excessive heating in winter months, some of these glasses are:

Low Emissivity Glass

Thermally insulating glass coatings are generally referred to Low Emissivity Glass or Low E glass, we refer to these as our SUNtec  LE range.  These use transparent coatings which reflect the long wave heat energy we produce in our homes back from the glazing and greatly slow down the rate that heat energy is lost from our buildings.  This measure is defined as a U value.  Low Emissivity glass also allows short wave heat energy to pass through the glass, this is commonly known as the solar factor or solar heat gain and helps heat our homes for free using heat from the sun.  It is important to note however, that glazing on exposed facades like the south face of your home or building, can be subjected to high levels of solar heat gain, which can cause your building to overheat.  In these areas some form of solar control glass may be worth considering.

SUNtec 1.2LE offers the very best Window Energy Rating performance, the combination of a high g value (Solar Gain) and a low U value of 1.2 W/m2K produces Window Energy Rating results in excess of A+ 10 in double glazing and A+ 25 in triple glazing. SUNtec 1.2LE is ideal for any application where passive solar heat gain is desired in combination with good thermal insulation.

SUNec 1.0LE is also specifically designed for use in architectural buildings. It has a very neutral appearance and can achieve U-values of 1.0 W/m2K in an argon filled double glazing unit. All SUNtec Low E glass options are single products and can be used either annealed or heat treated.

Low Maintenance Glass

SUNtec Celestial forms part of Olympic Glass’s new generation of self-cleaning glass units that combines solar control, thermal insulation, glare reduction and an attractive appearance.

High Performance Glass

Glass used to reflect solar heat energy and retain internal heat energy is commonly known as High Performance glass, we refer to this type of glass as our SUNtec High Performance  range.  High Performance glass uses a technically advanced glass coating which allows solar control and thermal insulation in one pane of glass which should be installed as the outer pane of double or triple glazing.  High Performance glass performs the same function as Solar Control glass on the outer pane and Low Emissivity glass on the inner pane as mentioned earlier, however it achieves this performance in a more cost effective way.  Most high performance glasses have greater reflection and are often coloured to help characterise a glazed façade.