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Combining innovations in glass and glass coating technology


Glass provides the vital connection between the inside and outside of our buildings; it brings in natural light and connects us with the building surroundings.  However, glass today is so much more…

Modern innovations in glass and glass coating technology mean that today glass can not only offer exceptional thermal insulation, it can also provide control over solar radiation whilst maintaining a virtually neutral appearance with a high light transmission.  These kinds of innovations have paved the way for architects and designers to create buildings like nothing that have been seen before.  With controlled solar heat gains and minimal heat losses, glazed facades provide a controlled barrier which maintains the buildings temperature without over heating from solar radiation and greatly reducing down drafts and cold spots during the winter and seasonal changes. 

Glass performance is mainly defined by 3 factors; these determine the most appropriate use of glass for your home or project:

Light Transmission - The proportion of light in the visible spectrum which is expressed as a percentage

U value - The measured level of heat loss through glazing, expressed as Watts per square meter, per degree Kelvin (W/m2K)

Solar Factor - The percentage of solar radiant heat energy transmitted through glazing, this may also be referred to as Solar Gain or the g value.