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Traditional fanlights
Adding the personal touch of a leaded, coloured glass effect to a fanlight or door is very simple to achieve. Our definitive range of styles is inspired by the decorative influences of past ages and includes classical and traditional floral designs as well as ‘art nouveau' and contemporary images.  

Each design is carefully prepared using high specification, colour-stable polyester film with built-in UV inhibitors and natural finish pure lead strip. The designs are equally as effective when applied to clear or patterned glass. 

Bevelled Glass fanlights
Clear bevels - Clear glass bevels provide exceptional depth and radiance with their three dimensional brilliance. They are hand made from 5mm glass and when combined with lead profiles and coloured glass effect films, they create a stunning focal point for any fanlight design.

Glue Chipped Glass bevels
A further option, and one that gives our bevel designs an added dimension, are clusters with with a textured surface finish. By enhancing the relief effect they bring a spectacular sparkle to our designs. they are made by glue-chipping the glass - a traditional technique that creates a fern effect of clear and frosted glass.

Coloured Glass bevels
Why not bring a natural splash of colour to your bevelled glass design with our range of multi-coloured dusters? Choose from blue, green or bronze to further enhance the radiance and three-dimensional bevel effect, through the changing depth of colour when viewed from different angles.

Glass Jewels
As you would expect, a design using our range of glass jewels is certainly more exquisite. They are available in five striking colours - amethyst, aquamarine, blue, green and red as well as clear. Their extra facets create an even more stunning effects and they work beautifully in designs that incorporate glass bevels and coloured films.

Bevelled Doors - Half Glazed
It's easy to turn a door into a warm and welcolming focal point of your home.

By creatively combining the essential elements of colour, light and the subtleties of shape and shade, decorative glass panels can transform any entrance way into an artistic statement of elegance and style.

Our striking range of lead strip, which in addition to natural lead includes the options of Brass, Platinum, Antique and Ebony finishes, uses special weather and age-tested coatings.

We have a wide selection of high specification polyester films combining technology with artistic flair to produce a stunning range of colours and textures.



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