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Unit 1 - 3 Queenborough Business Park,
Main Road, Queenborough,
Sheerness, Kent, ME11 5DY

2nd June 2009

Olympic Glass Launch SUNtec

Better light transmission, Better solar gain, Better energy efficiency

Olympic Glass have taken the next step forward in the energy efficient evolution with the introduction of SUNtec.

Managing Director Gary Jenkins said “by using the very latest in high performance insulated glass technology, SUNtec will offer increased light transmission, improved solar gain and a brighter appearance”.

Gary went on to say, “whilst developing this market leading product we wanted to build in cost efficiency , making it easier for our customers to upgrade their products to A-rating. You will be surprised at just how inexpensive this product is”.

SUNtec will achieve improved Window Efficiency Ratings (WER) in the greatest available range of profiles.

Suntec – Making it easier to produce A-rated windows

Outer Pane
Inner Pane
Light Transmittance (%)
Outside Reflectance
Centre Pane
U value   (Ug W/m2K)
Total Solar Heat Transmittance  (g value) %
Indicative BFRC WER Performance*
Aluminium Spacer Bar
Warm Edge Spacer Bar
Low Iron Glass
16mm Argon
Coated Low Iron Glass

Above determined in accordance with EN410 and EN673. Assuming 90% argon gas fill. *Varies with frame performance.
NB. Benefits of warm edge spacer bar technology  would be reflected in overall window U value performance.

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