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Choose an enhanced security glass to protect yourself against break-in attempts or vandalism.

This glazing can help to protect your property and possessions by delaying or even preventing penetration through the glass in the event of forced break in or damage.

This laminated glass comprises one or more pieces of glass held together by several clear, plastic films. If the glass is broken, the glazing remains in place as the fragments of glass adhere to the plastic films. In the event of attempted break in this will prevent or slow down entry.

Choose from an entire range of glass to help protect your home or commercial property.

Anti-burglary function: protect your property and possessions from intruders.

• Gain peace of mind from the added security of your windows.
• You remain safe and secure around glazed areas.
• Hinder or even prevent entry by potential burglars.

Enhanced security glass can be combined with other glass functions for additional comfort: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, low-maintenance and decorative glass.

Olympic Glass toughened safety glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. Due to its increased strength, Olympic Glass toughened safety glass allows architects and builders greater scope in their use of glass in buildings. It meets safety standards for glass subjected to accidental human impact at the highest standards of severity, and where a reduction in the risk of spontaneous fracture is advantageous, for example, structural applications, spandel panels, roof glazing, etc.