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Setting new standards in conservatory glass

Choosing the right glass is perhaps one of the most important decisions that we need to make. With the SUNtec range of high specification, conservatory glazing solutions, incorporating advanced glass design, making the right choice is a whole lot easier.


SUNtec Celestial Blue forms part of Olympic Glass’s new generation of self-cleaning glass units that combines solar control, thermal insulation, glare reduction and an attractive blue appearance.

SUNtec Celestial Blue applies advanced technology to create a dual coated glass pane with a blue colour and a unique performance profile.

SUNtec Celestial Blue uses hydrophilic and photocatalytic coatings which provides low maintenance and self-cleaning properties on one side of the outer pane, whilst a high performance coating combines solar control and thermal insulation properties on the other.


Our SUNtec range introduces Celestial Blue , a self-cleaning Conservatory roof glass incorporating advanced glass design from Guardian, offering low maintenance performance combined with Solar control (76% reflected heat) and thermal insulation (1.1 U value). Advanced hydrophilic and photocatalytic coating is activated by ultraviolet rays from the sun. The activated coating reduces the dirt’s ability to stick to the glass, whilst exposure to ultraviolet light, in combination with the coating, accelerates its decomposition.


SUNtec Celestial Blue’s photocatalytic action decomposes toxic organic substances through oxidation, whilst the hydrophilic coating with the assistance of the rainwater loosens and washes it away.

SUNtec Celestial Blue offers Olympic Glass’s new generation of I.G.U’s exceptional performance using a state-of-the-art dual coated outer pane, new to the conservatory roof market.

Other colours available in the SUNtec Celestial range: Aqua - Natural - Bronze