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Performance glass for double glazed units


Glass is a good insulator but it would need to be very thick as a single pane in a window to have much effect. So rather than have thick glass in your windows it is better to have two panes of glass with an air or gas space between them.
The bigger the air space, the less heat is lost, up to an optimum of 20mm. All well designed and well fitted double glazed units significantly reduce the intrusion of unwanted noise. The greatest change in sound insulation occurs for cavity widths between 50-150mm.
By specifying glasses whose thickness differs by at least 30%, resonance effects are suppressed and the acoustic benefits are, therefore, maximised.

Benefits of Double-Glazed Units
• Heat loss through single glazing will be at least halved with double glazing
• Draughts through windows caused by sinking cooled air will be less
• Rooms will be warmer
• Outside noise can be reduces
• Condensation can be reduces
• Increases the saleability of the property
• Savings on fuel bills