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To ensure that all our insulated units achieve the ultimate thermic performance we have continued our investment by purchasing one of the world’s leading high speed benders. The BSV-45ANK is a fully automatic spacer profile bending machine for processing all conventional, synthetic and composite spacer frames for the production of insulating glass units. With the new saw unit, it is possible to cut aluminium, steel, stainless steel, synthetic profiles and in particular composite profiles with just one saw blade. Profile types, order data, the geometry and the desired split can be selected or also entered via an easy-to-use control panel. Optionally, the machine control system can be monitored by remote control as well as by online data transfer. 

The advance in spacer frame technology has led to a new development in spacer bar production, being able to bend composite bar that has 100% impermeable High Tech Gas Barrier for long lasting unit performance. A warm edge spacer bar has to achieve the best thermal performance but it also has to maintain that performance for years to come by preventing insulating gas leaking out, this is achieved by the use of bent corners in composite spacer bar, this in hand will reduce moisture vapour from entering the sealed unit. The ideal product design is a spacer bar material with outstanding thermal properties and a backing foil that is capable of stopping 100% of gas and moisture vapour. This will greatly extend the units life cycle and continue to save the end user money on their ever increasing energy bills for years to come. The bars bent on the new BSV45ANK are ideal for triple glazing with all spacer bar types.