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Greater demands from an ever increasing market has been identified by Olympic Glass and met by one of the worlds leading machine manufacturer “Lisec”. These demands have taken into account, square and shaped - three sided triangle or arch topped plus stepped units, as used in the commercial sector to help with building appearance and aesthetic flow, whilst hiding construction supports within a building structure.

The IG lines at Olympic Glass have been constructed with the highest specification washer available, which includes 8 brushes instead of the standard 6, thus producing higher quality washed IG panes ready for unit assembly and maximising output.

Continuing the high quality from the washer, the Gas press which is a FPS US has also been manufactured to the highest specification. This new press has a movable seal which allows greater control of the gas being inserted into the IG unit; this can either take the form of a double glazed unit or a triple glazed unit.

The ‘Lisec’ FPS US has a movable seal allowing greater control in filling the unit compared to a Standard press which has a fixed seal flooding the chamber. This new moveable seal allows for a quicker and more accurate gas filling process which will enable the use of high quality gases. The use of higher quality gasses will lead to higher quality performance of IG units resulting in higher rated windows helping to meet all the demands in the commercial and domestic market place.

Olympic Glass has installed a new sealing robot, the UK's first high volume output pump giving controlled and metered unit fill mainly for commercial unit's, where the sealing depth is greater and unit size is bigger than domestic, however there will still be a benefit for domestic products due to the higher volume of sealing material being dispensed.